Which Halloween Movie Is Worth Your While?


Written by: Katelyn Cofer, Reporter


Hocus Pocus-⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Hocus Pocus is one of the greatest Halloween movies of all time. It’s got it all: witches, zombies and a talking cat. Max, a teenager that just moved to Salem, goes to visit the Sanderson House and ends up resurrecting three dead witches. Throughout the movie, Max, his little sister Dani and Allison, a girl that goes to school with Max, are trying to find and kill the Sanderson witches with the help of the talking cat, Thachary, to make sure they don’t harm any children.

There are some scenes that are not significant to the plot, but other than that, Hocus Pocus is the best Halloween movie to watch with the whole family, sitting next to a fire, with a bowl of chili—after you’re done trick-or-treating of course.



Anything Halloween related you can find is in this Disney adventure. Marney, a young girl who just found out she’s a witch when her grandmother and mother are taken. It’s up to her and her siblings to get them back from the warlock, Calibar. Together, they have to find ghost sweat, a vampire tooth, and werewolf hair for a potion and cast a spell. As they work together, they bond as siblings more than ever and get their family back.

Halloweentown really shows you how much people should appreciate their family and that’s what makes it such a great movie. Instead of watching this movie alone in your room, get the whole family together to watch and get in the mood for what’s to come.


The Nightmare Before Christmas-⭐

Halloween? Christmas? It’s the best of both worlds. The Nightmare Before Christmas features Jack Skeleton, the king of Halloween Town, who finds a door to an alternate universe featuring Christmas. When Skeleton learns of how much everyone praises a man named Santa Clause, he decides to capture ‘Santy’ and become the new St. Nick. As Skeleton basically ruins Christmas, he fixes his mistakes and in the end, everything is well.

I honestly can’t stand this movie. Why throw in the creepy boogyman? He has no real significance other than to frighten children. There are also many long parts that are difficult to sit and watch. The only good thing about this movie is the opening song. If you want to scar children, then go ahead and play this movie, but if you don’t feel like hearing crying in the middle of the night, I would leave it out of your calendar.



Halloween (1978)- ⭐⭐⭐⭐

What better movie to watch on Halloween other than one of the only scary movies that actually includes Halloween in it. As a young boy, Michael Myers murdered his sister for no apparent reason, and since then, he hasn’t talked. When he is older, he escapes prison and goes back to his hometown. Laurie is a teenager who is put in charge of watching two young kids on Halloween. As Michael goes around murdering many other teenagers, Laurie is oblivious to the threat she is about to face. When Michael chooses her as his next target, Laurie must fight for her and the children’s lives.

The movie is full of suspense, curiosity and horror. It has moments that are so cheesy you can laugh at it and moments so scary you’d lose your socks. As you’re sitting on the couch eating your Halloween candy after trick-or-treating, turn this movie on as your last goodbye to a great holiday.


Carrie- ⭐⭐⭐

Demons, possessions and high school: it the scary movie for all teenagers. Carrie is a high schooler, and after being bullied for most of her life, she finds a way to fight back. All her life, her mother has warned her about the horrific ways of the devil, and Carrie always listened. When she got her supernatural gifts, she never thought it was the devil working through her. At Carrie’s prom, she is harshly bullied and finally had enough. Carrie goes into full demon mode and starts tearing her way through the high school punishing everyone that had ever done anything mean to her.

Carrie is a great movie to watch to get you in the mood for the spooky season. It’s kind of cheesy because it is every high school drama wrapped into one with the ending everyone wants.