Why I’m Thankful – Testimony From Staff


Written by: Brooklyn Fondaw, Reporter

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and, because of that, it is time to recognize the things and people to be thankful for. There are a lot of things that I am thankful for. I appreciate people that support me such as Ms. Glover, my friends Me’Laiha and Colyn as well as my mom. Ms. Glover constantly boosts my confidence and motivates me to push through. Me’Laiha has been my best friend for over two years, and we’ve been through thick and thin. I honestly wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for her. Colyn has a special place in my heart because he knows how to make me smile even when I’m at my worst. He is always there to cheer me up and make me feel good about myself. My mother has supported me my whole life and knows me better than I know myself. We are always laughing and talking about life’s moments. She is the strongest and most independent woman I know, and I always look up to her.

These influencers have been there for me through toughest of times and have helped me through them. They listen to me complain and vent, they offer advice, laugh with me and give a shoulder to cry on. They even know what to say to cheer me up even if it is offering me McDonald’s, which I’m also thankful for.

Other things that I am thankful for include the basic life necessities that people often take for granted. I have a home, with utilities, plenty of food and a comfortable bed to sleep on.  I have clean clothes to wear and my favorite fuzzy socks. Although I have chores to do, that consists of cleaning my stuff, and I may complain about it while I’m doing them, I’m glad that I have those things to clean instead of being without.

I love music, and it benefits me so much more than just for entertainment. Music is therapeutic for me, and it can also just put me in a certain mood depending on the style or genre.  Music is good for cheering me up, dancing, partying, meditating, sleeping, focusing and just blocking things out. Without it, my mind and interests would be completely different and bland.

Although these things may not apply to everyone, they still mean a lot to me. I’ve come to appreciate the aspects of life others may miss. This Thanksgiving, I will be sure to recognize these people and things that make my life