Regional Chicken Challenge – A rating of common fast food Tenders


Written by: Kristen Kahler and Jaedyn Roberts

With this review, the plain chicken strips were tested. They were not dipped in any sauce and other factors like the price and sides did not affect the overall rating. Five fast food chicken restaurants around Basehor were tested to see which was the best. All ratings are out of “chickens” and are strictly a rating for chicken tenders, nothing else.


McDonald’s (3/10 Chickens)

  • Meal $6.59
    • four strips and a drink
  • Stale, cold, lots of breading, almost no chicken, peppery and cardboard taste


Sonic (5/10 Chickens)

  • Kids meal $3.99
    • two strips, side, drink and toy
  • Dry, kind of boring, plain


Dairy Queen (5/10 Chickens)

  • Kids meal $4.29
    • two strips, fries, drink and ice cream cone
  • Boring, bland, peppery, hot and crunchy


Zaxby’s (8/10 Chickens)

  • Kids meal $4.29
    • two strips, small fries (worst fries I’ve ever had), drink, graham cracker and a toy
  • Crunchy, breading acted like chicken skin, like knock-off chick-fil-a


Chick-fil-A (9/10 Chickens)

  • Kids meal $3.75
    • Comes with one strip, small fry, toy and drink
  • Crunchy breading, almost sweet, juicy, seemed like real chicken