Testing Out Should Be An Option

Testing Out Should Be An Option

Written by: Lane Barrette, Co-Editor

Being a student as involved as I am, time is the one thing I never seem to have. When looking for a solution to this problem, I’ve noticed some of the time during the school day isn’t used in the best way it could be. Every hour and every minute is consumed by one thing or another. I participate in every theater production possible, cheer every Friday night, orchestrate events for GSA, compete in Debate and Forensics, am a full-time student and even am a co-editor for the school’s news outlet; the list goes on. Every attempt to find the time to complete all of my responsibilities seems to fall short. I, as a result, have to use the time I would for an after-school activity and, instead, use it to catch up on my other responsibilities that should be completed during the school day. As of recently, this problem has become severely more prominent and changing around my after school schedule doesn’t seem to fix this issue.

For some context, I am enrolled in Gold 4 Trigonometry, which was the only block that worked with my schedule. During that same block is the newspaper class. In my attempt to avert this problem, I enrolled in an independent study, so I had time to complete my duties. Not being with my staff prevented me from working with, assisting and interacting with them. Though this seems like a small problem, it is still a problem that doesn’t need to exist and makes my duties as a leader nearly impossible.

Trigonometry is set up by taking notes and completing homework outside of class. During class is purely consisted of reinstating what was already stated in the notes and taking quizzes and tests every now and again. Currently, my grade in that class is resting at 99.19%. I am statistically advanced in math, which explains my ability to understand the notes and homework without much, if any, assistance.

In short, my problem is consisted of having to go to a class to do nothing, when I could be going to the newspaper class to work with my staff. I was informed that testing out was an option, and in comparison to other schools, this was a legitimate option. However, when I asked if this was an option, I found out that this was actually not an available plan of action. I explained my situation and they finally decided to look into my problem. They said I was an exception, but this means that only specific students have to request to even have this conversation. Since there is no specific procedure, I’ve ended up wasting an entire semester.

Every school should have procedures for students to test out of classes and make it available to students, not just exceptions. Currently, schools across the nation are aiming to focus on students’ individual abilities and strengths. By not providing an option for students excelling to go to the next level or spending time in a better way, students may not be reaching their highest potential.