How to Have the Best Christmas Light Display in Town

Written by: Trinity Krouse and Kristen Kahler


Saturday, Dec. 8, the news team searched Basehor to rank the best Christmas lights in town. After driving searching for hours, the top five houses with the most creative and appealing lights were chosen with several runner-ups and honorable mentions. Below is a list of how to perfectly decorate your house for Christmas, and these were the qualities the highest ranking houses possessed.

1. Cohesive

Having a good theme is vital when decorating a house. If the type and color of lights ties into other aspects of the display, like animals or characters, then it is overall a better picture. A lot of themes revolve around Santa or snowmen. A really good theme is an overall winter theme with a similarity in color scheme among the individual decorations.

2. Volume of lights

Volume is important when decorating your house because you need to be able to see the decorations in the dark. The best looking houses have lights spread out with lots of coverage. Your house will be more flashy if there are a lot of lights and the lights are covering all important parts of the house.

3. Geometry (lines, spacing between lights)

One thing that is appealing to the eye is geometry in how lights are arranged. When there are bigger bulbs, the lights are spaced further apart. This has a classier look. Lining the driveway in lights, as well as lining the roof, and other aspects of the house is a nice touch. This gives the overall appearance an organized, simplistic, but thematic look.

4. Projections that match lights

We discovered houses look better when most of the house or yard is covered in lights. Projections allow a lot of coverage, and are very easy to put up and take down. Most projections move, which draws the eye to that house. If the projections match the theme and other lights, it makes the display is top-notch.

5. Bonus decorations (reindeer)

One of the best ways to go above and beyond the normal decorations is to add statues and figurines. The most classic being the metal Reindeer with lights on the structures. Other statues that will look good in your yard are santas, snowmen, penguins and candy canes.

6. Wow factor (Santa in window, moving parts, giant tree)

To really have the best decorations, a wow factor is needed to make people pay attention to your house above all others. Some of the wow factors we saw in town were moving parts, giant or oversized decorations or projections in windows of santa. These are only a few ideas of what you could put into your yard to add personality.