Who Has the Best Cheeseburger?


Written by: Kristen Kahler and Jaedyn Roberts

When craving a cheeseburger, there are so many options. What fast food restaurant does this American classic right? Here is a guide to help you pick your winner. With this review, cheeseburgers were tested with ketchup and mustard only. Other toppings may not be offered at all restaurants, and they could inhibit the taste of the patty. Other factors like the price did not affect the overall rating. Four fast food restaurants around Basehor were tested to see which was the best. These are the personal opinions of Kristen Kahler and do not reflect the opinions of the staff as a whole.

McDonalds- 5/10

McDonald’s always seems to be the butt of all fast food jokes, but their burger wasn’t the worst I’ve ever had

  • $3.79 for a Quarter Pounder
  • The patty was very juicy, too juicy, but that’s better than being dry
  • The condiment to patty and bread ratio was great
  • The flavor of the patty was great, it was peppery and tasted like real beef
  • The cheese was the worst part, it seemed to crumble near the edges from dryness, but the middle was melted

Five Guys- 7/10

  • $6.15 for a Little Cheeseburger- one patty
  • Five Guys has the best variety for condiment options, there’s something for everyone
  • It’s always hot and fresh, as it’s prepared right in front of you
  • It’s a little too greasy for my liking
  • the patty tasted good overall, and I appreciate the thickness of the burger
  • You’re going to need a lot of napkins for all the condiments and the grease

Freddy’s- 9/10

  • $3.32 for a single Steakburger
  • The patty is thinner, but has a bigger diameter than most burgers
    • This allows the ends to be crispy, but it’s a good texture
  • The patty has a lot of flavor and juice. It could be argued there’s too much grease, so if you’re picky about that kind of thing, take a pass
    • I think the grease amount isn’t a big deal
  • There wasn’t very much ketchup or mustard, I wish there had been more
  • There was a lot of cheese and it was melted
    • Freddy’s brings a strong cheese game

Culvers- 10/10

  • $4.99 for a single Butter Burger
  • I hadn’t ever had a burger from Culver’s before, but wow it was amazing
  • It was like a thicker Freddy’s burger- the patty was kind of flat and crispy with lots of flavor
  • It had lots of flavor, but also lots of condiments and melted cheese
  • Perfect amount of toppings, great flavor, not a ton of grease, good temperature, I wouldn’t change anything