Individual Plans of Study Should Be Self-Managed

Written by: Britan Dietsch, Reporter

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Every Wednesday, the student body, no matter their academic standing, are required to attend an Individual Plan of Study (IPS) advisory, with the schedule changing to accommodate for an A/B lunch structure. However, most weeks, there is no sort of activity going on, meaning students are simply demanded to attend for the sake of attending. The weeks in which activities do occur are usually brief exercises or updates to their information in Career Cruising. More faith should be placed in students to complete these tasks on their own, with appropriate repercussions if they fail to do so.

Time management is one of the most essential skills to students entering college in the workforce, to the point where some workplaces offer time management training for their employees. Giving students a list of IPS tasks at the beginning of the year that need to be done by certain deadlines would require that they manage their own time in order to complete them. If students did not complete these tasks, they would be required to attend advisory on Wednesday for a set amount of weeks. This is similar to the process that is already in place for students who are sidelined. Allowing students who got their work done to have regular Bobcat Hour on Wednesday would give them an appropriate reward for their time spent, as well as reduce scheduling conflicts when it comes to making up tests and visiting teachers for help.

While the individual plan of study is a state-required and potentially beneficial task for students, the execution behind it can easily be changed to reduce the negativity that is associated with it in its current state. The tasks and exercises could easily be changed in something that students want to do in order to keep Bobcat on Wednesdays, rather than something they have to do and dread potentially having on Wednesday.

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