Promise Rings Mean More than Engagement

Promise Rings Mean More than Engagement

Written by: Kristen Kahler, Reporter

Promise rings represent commitment in a far from subtle way and if the couple or person is so adamant about their loyalty, they should be admired not criticized by students and peers. They have been around for thousands of years are making a comeback, and they’re not just about pre-engagement. 

Promise ring sales have been going up 210% on average per year. According to wedding authority, The Knot, the rise of the promise ring has come about because so many more couples live together or wish to marry later in life. Davis also says promise ring sales are 45% higher at the end of the summer before the couple returns to school. This shows commitment while the two are apart, and the dedication that was involved in the relationship to make this decision should be held in a high regard. 

Promise rings are not a new thing, as they’ve been around since the 2nd century BC. According to Brilliance, they were used by Roman brides before the law allowed them to marry legally. In England, the “posy ring” held a romantic poem or symbol to show the devotion in the couple. Even in the United States, high school boys would give their girlfriends their class ring or their pin to show that the two were “going steady.” 

Nowadays, promise rings don’t even have to show pre-engagement or a romantic relationship. According to Brilliance, they’re also used as symbols of friendship, chastity or purity, or abstinence from an addiction or habit. Promise rings as a whole don’t have rules. They can be used for anything or anyone. There should be no ‘right time’ to pursue big decisions like these. It’s up to the couple, and when they decided it’s right, it should be respected. 

If it’s only been three months or three years, promise rings provide a middle ground for couples wanting to show their future intentions. They’ve been a romantic token for thousands of years, and with that, they’re becoming more and more popular, so they should be more widely accepted.