It Is Okay To Not Be Okay

Written by: Gracie Hermreck, Reporter

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Everyone is okay. That is the truth. Everyone is okay, they will continue to be okay, and all will be settled as it should. No matter the hardships, the truth is, it will be okay.

For most people, they have created a world in which being happy, vibrant and excited is the only acceptable way to live. However, the truth is the only way to ever be content and lead a life full of success is to express and accept emotions. Most people have created a tendency to denounce feelings of pain and replace them with feelings of joy. While it may seem more pleasant to push off the hurt, real healing only comes through acceptance. 

According to psychologist Asha Ghosh, our inadvertent judgment says it is not OK to be in pain. People try to tap out of their emotions by redirecting their attention, which only furthers the cycle of distress.

To be able to completely accept the idea of not being okay, people must know where the misunderstanding is coming from. By being able to pinpoint the origin of the pain, it is easier to accept the complete truth. No matter where sadness stems from, rather from heartbreak or from homework, pinpointing the start can have a large effect, as it can show the best path for healing. 

Along with pinpointing the reasons of grief, it is also important to know and have positive self worth. Know how smart and wonderful each and every person is, that anyone could change the world in a single step and that nothing would be the same without one another. Understand how big ideas are and how powerful anyone’s voice can be. With acceptance of one anothers true beauty and deepest feelings, the process of healing may begin.

As said by Hannah Rose, a general psychologist, people must know they are not alone in their dysfunctional ways of thinking. Normal is fine, but being healthy is a different story.

While freeing oneself from his or her fears may seem impossible at first, with proper care and treatment, anything is possible. By talking to others and pursuing self-acceptance, the normalization of self-worth and the creation of positive self-esteem will occur.

It is okay to not be okay, however it is not okay to feel the same way forever. With this, know certain boundaries within emotional pain. When times seem bleak and all hope of improvement is lost, never hesitate to reach out to a trusted adult.