The Evolution of Social Media

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The Evolution of Social Media

Written by: Lexi Fishe, Reporter

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Social media has changed the way that people live their everyday lives. From the way they interact with loved ones to ways that they get our news, social media is everywhere, and there is no way to avoid it. It is too powerful, and it is not leaving anytime soon. The negative consequences of social media greatly outweigh the positive ones. 

In 1997, the first social media site was created, and called Six Degrees. Over the next seven years, social media took off and became a commonly used platform. A study done by Mohsin stated an average of 3.2 billion people use social media, which is equivalent to about 42% of the worldwide population. One possible reason that this could be so high is because many people use social media as a way of communication and not just leisurely activity. In this case, social media has a negative impact on the time that we use in our lives and how we spend it. We could be using that time to do important tasks such as gettting things accomplished, but instead we spend it on social media. 

Facebook is one of the top leading social media sites used by the population. In fact, 2.3 billion people use Facebook daily. The population of the world combined spends an average of 950 million minutes on Facebook a day. This takes time away from families that could be spending face to face time with people that matter to them the most. 

The time spent on social media could be changed by spending time face to face with people instead of interacting with them over a social media site. Some different activities that could decrease the time spent on social media are parties, family gatherings or just a simple get together with friends.

Some things that we see on social media may affect others. For example, teenagers are exposed to inappropriate postes on social media daily. and think that it is acceptable to do or say.As a result, social media is teaching teenagers bad habits.

 Some high schoolers may see posts that promote perfection on social media, and consequently decreases their self- esteem because they are constantly being judged by others.According to a study done by Getchell, teenagers who view others and compare themselves to them are more likely to have a lower self esteem. 

Social media is constantly having a negative impact on others around the world. The amount of time that is spent on social media has been negatively impacting us and the time that is being spent on it. One way to fix this is to limit ourselves for the time that we spend on social media. This will teach people to budget their time and to get the important tasks done that is needed to be done.