Changes Should Not Have Been Made to Title X

Changes Should Not Have Been Made to Title X

Written by: Delainey Wilson, Head Of Layout

In 1970, under the Nixon presidency, a program called Title X was established. Title X was created to provide birth control, reproductive health and family planning services to people with low incomes. However, the Trump Administration has recently created new regulations for the program, which declare that any facilities or organizations receiving funding from Title X are no longer allowed to refer or provide abortion services to patients. The Trump Administration should refrain from instating these new regulations to the program. This is affecting certain organization such as Planned Parenthood, as it leaves them no choice but to have to function without Title X funding.

Cutting facilities, like Planned Parenthood, out of Title X funding affects nearly 1,600,000 people, and not only those who partake in abortion services. According to Vox, each year over four million people benefit from some type of health care service funded through Title X, and 40% of those people are served by Planned Parenthood. Only 0.83% of Title X funding goes to abortion services, meaning a majority of people are losing important services such as wellness exams, cancer screenings, birth control, STD and HIV testing and treatments.

The new regulations being made also cause many other important family planning services to suffer. Besides abortion services and refferals being banned, clinics also wouldn’t be required to provide conseling and informative services about the following: prenatal care and delivery, adoptions and abortion information. Removing the requirements for having these discussions eliminates crucial family planning elements.

Ever since its creation, the focus of Title X has been to provide affordable reproductive health care and family planning. Adding these new controversial changes to a program that has been functioning for over 50 years would create a larger amount of setbacks instead of progress. People deserve to have all options available when it comes to family planning, and the new regulations being added to Title X simply don’t allow that.