Schools Should Have More Counselors


Written by: Delainey Wilson, Co-Editor

School counselors are vital in order for any school to function properly. The federal government requires there to be one counselor for every 482 students. However, this ratio needs to be significantly decreased. Schools should hire more counselors in order to allow for more personal one-on-one time between counselors and students.

The American School Counselors Association recommends that schools should have one counselor for every 250 students enrolled. High school counselors Stephanie Billet and Vicky Herbster are responsible for over 400 students each. According to Billet, at this time of year she spends less than 50 percent of her time helping students with social and emotional issues. According to Education Week, if students are in high-stress situations and don’t feel cared for, it’s proven to be both physically and emotionally harder for those students to learn. If all schools were required to have a smaller counselor to student ratio, there would be more time for counselors to meet with students individually to address how to deal with the social and emotional issues that arise in high school.

It’s also important to have more counselors on staff, as this would benefit the counselors themselves. According to Herbster, some counselors are responsible for things such as enrollment, making schedules, attending Individualized Education Program (IEP) meetings, social-emotional guidance lessons and more, all on top of being there to counsel students. Counselors should be able to dedicate a significant amount of time to helping students deal with their social and emotional needs, as well as guiding students to create a plan for after high school. Some of these tasks could easily be handled by another administrator, or even divided between more counselors to lighten the workload. If this were to happen, school counselors would be able to focus more on their responsibilities with students.

School counseling services are important to students as they go through the growing pains of any level of school, but especially high school. If more counselors were on staff to help students prepare for their futures and meet with them when needed, students would be able to better handle stressful situations as they arise.