Schools Need More Field Trips


Written by: Emily Long, Reporter

Some of the best memories that come from school days are going on field trips. It was a part of the year that, no matter how students felt about school, was one thing that everyone looked forward to. As children get older, the number of field trips start to drop.  Classes in high school should offer more field trip opportunities.   


Going on field trips provides many benefits for students. A recent study conducted by Emilyn Ruble Whitesell at New York University (NYU) showed that students who participated in school-held field trips did significantly better on state testing. Field trips provide hands-on learning in a more memorable way for students. 


Field trips in high school only pertain to certain classes, where only a handful of students would attend, because the field trips that they are going on are only relevant to the class that they are currently taking. For a better school experience, field trips should be all-inclusive, or that it should be an available option for all students. 


Real-world learning opportunities are presented to students when they go on field trips. Being able to leave the school building and make connections with their school and the real world has numerous effects on students. A study conducted at the University of Arkansas found that students who go on field trips have an increased level of empathy, tolerance and critical thinking skills. Field trips benefit students’ socio-emotional growth, which during adolescence is important to develop. 


Schools that are restricting field trip opportunities from all students are withholding access to tools and environments that are not available inside school walls. Students should be exposed to content that they aren’t used to. Live learning experiences are different from replicating it with the internet in the classroom. This learning experience can bring life lessons and create enthusiasm for a subject that students may not find interesting in the classroom. 

Why should students be restrained from the chance to view a real ecosystem, or to explore different career options by watching and interacting hands-on with different careers? Students need to incorporate different styles of learning in various subjects, and they should be presented with more chances for a field trip for better learning experiences.