Best Trends of the Last Decade


Written by: Gracie Hermreck, Reporter


  • High Rise Jeans
    • The high rise jean allows the perfect amount of comfort and support for your rolls while perfectly fitting your curves.
  • Casual Turtle Neck
    • The turtle neck is back and better than ever. The garment works absolutely perfect as an undershirt or stylish top. 
  • Chokers
    • The choker is the perfect accessory for anyone looking to spice up an outfit. The necklace is relatively inexpensive and goes with almost anything. 
  • Athleisure
    • Let’s be honest, without leggings and sweatshirts, school might just be unbearable. Thankfully, the last decade brought together athletic wear and everyday clothing to create Athleisure. 


  • Thick Brows
    • Finally brows are being admired for their true selves, big and bushy… well kinda. The thick brow allows a much more natural and realistic look, and pairs nicely with any face. 
  • Glossy Lips
    • Throughout the decade, the glossed lips trend faded in and out, although hopefully the popular makeup style is here to stay. The look is effortless, and gives off a playful yet sophisticated vibe.
  • Pastel Hair
    • This style became a worldwide phenomenon midway through the last decade. The style gave off a bubbly vibe and acted as a more approachable way of coloring hair. 
  • Balayage
    • While highlights have been around forever, balayage just recently gained popularity. Balayage is a form of highlights, where hair naturally flows from dark to light. This hair style is perfect for any occasion, from a classy curl to a messy bun. 


  • Instant Pot
    • The Instant Pot is the perfect combination of all things cooking. The device became extremely popular this decade and was on all parent’s wishlists. Not only can the device act as a crockpot, put can broil, boil, and more.
  • Avocado Toast
    • Avocado toast took over this decade, becoming a well known and healthy way to start your day, or even end it. The meal became even more popular through its online presence, with every person in America posting pictures of their yummy brunch. This dish is made that much better with the fact that it is easy to make and fun to create.
  • Food Delivery
    • Companies such as Uber Eats, GrubHub, and Postmates have become majorly popular in the last few years. Unlike regularly delivered pizza, the options are endless, with Uber Eats alone having over 46,000 restaurant options. Being a food lover, sites like these make enjoying your favorite meal that much easier. 
  • Eating for Instagram
    • While Instagram used to be used to post selfies and videos of your dog, it is now a greater platform used to post pictures of almost everything, including your prettiest meals. This trend allowed you to show off your classiest desserts and finest cooking in a fun and interesting way. Not only is this trend delicious, but is the perfect way to spice up your feed.

Life Style 

  • Zero Waste
    • No Plastic straws, plastic cups, plastic bags…. In 2018 zero-waste bloggers and instagram influencers challenged the world to create less, or even no trash. The idea spread widely and even prompted many companies to use environmentally friendly packaging. This trend is so great, as it allows people an easier way to help save the planet. 
  • Plant Based
    • While veganism has been around for a while, never has it been so accessible and easy to succeed with. Throughout this decade, ideas over plant based diets have greatly changed and more people than ever are joining this lifestyle trend. This trend is not only nice to the body, but is fun and challenging. 
  • Minimalism
    • Is less more? According to this 2010’s trend, yes, yes it is. Throughout this decade, with the help of influencer Marie Kondo, people are beginning to live life bigger, with much less. To my beliefs, this is the best, and most productive way of living.
  • Self Care
    • While self care has always been a thing, just lately has it been so wide spread and sought after. Thanks to this trend, self care is something to be proud of, not a sort of guilt trip. Finally, we are able to sit back and relax without feeling judged by societal standards.