The Benefits of Public Schooling


Written by: Lexi Fishe, Reporter

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, nearly 50 million students enroll in public and secondary schools in the United States. Unlike public schools, only five million students are enrolled in private and charter school systems. Public school systems offer more benefits for students than private schools do. 

Many families are often worried about money and their financial situations. According to, the projected national average expense for private schooling in 2020 is $11,012 per family. On the other hand, families who enroll their children in public schools don’t have to worry about paying yearly tuition to provide education for their students that they deserve. Public schools offer the education that students need, without having to have to pay for their public education. 

The average class size for public schools is 25 kids, compared to 19 in private school classrooms (Lindenberger). The bigger the class size, the better the opportunity for students to interact with other students in the community. By interacting with other students in their community, this teaches them social skills and how to talk to others they may not be comfortable talking to. According to, students are happier in the classroom when they interact with students because each student’s personalities are different in a classroom. This teaches students to adapt to different personalities that aren’t like theirs. 

Interactions between students and teachers are very important when it comes to being in the classroom. Teachers at a public school must be state-certified or at least working towards it. At private schools, teachers don’t necessarily have to be certified at all in order to teach. For example, teachers who are certified will be more qualified for teaching students. To parents, they may question whether or not they think their children are getting the education they deserve. 

Public school systems offer more of a variety of options to better students’ education. Whether it is the class size, state-certified teachers, or curriculum there is something to fit every student and their family’s needs. Public school systems offer the best experience for students of any age.