Students Should Have Jobs


Written by: Delainey Wilson, Editor-in-Chief

Having a job is a basic part of life, especially as people grow older. However, some people choose to start working before they reach adulthood. Students should get a job at some point in high school, due to the many benefits that a job provides.

One of the most apparent benefits is that it allows the student to start making money. Beyond the financial benefit, students are also able to learn important life skills that are useful as they progress further into the workforce. Some of these skills include time-management, finance management and accountability. According to CollegeBoard, there are multiple studies proving that students who hold jobs tend to be more confident and have much better time-management skills than students who don’t have jobs.

In addition to attaining life skills, students who work are also exposed to new situations that help prepare them for whatever their post-secondary plan may be. The Washington Post reported that working creates the opportunity for students to get some of their first negative feedback, and use that feedback to improve on whatever they’re lacking.On top of this, learning to balance work, school and possibly some other extra-curricular activities helps students who may be going to college understand the importance of balance responsibilities.

Finally, having a job as a high school student is the improvement it has on your academic life. Youth First says that some studies prove balancing ten to 15 hours of work a week on top of school can help some students earn higher grades. It’s also been proven that students who are at risk for dropping out of high school have a much higher chance of graduating if they start working.

For the best chance to succeed in high school and other areas of life, students should get some type of job where they can work around ten hours a week. Working while in high school helps students to learn important lessons and skills that they might not otherwise have the chance to.