Get Out While You Can


Written by: Jaedin Turner, Social Media Manager


Imagine being born, raised and raising your own children all in the same town, never seeing what else the world has to offer or how different life could be if you moved somewhere new. For some this is a nightmare. They can’t wait to go to college and explore the world on their own. Others see this life without change as a more appealing one, hesitant to leave their home behind. But going to college out of state is the perfect opportunity to explore the world and see what other places have to offer. Independence, a fresh start and a new area are all reasons to go to college away from home. 

Going to college changes your life completely. One gains new freedom in many ways including living on your own (or in a dorm), managing your own time and being forced to make your own choices for yourself. College is more often than not, the first time someone lives on their own. According to College Raptor, going to a college out of state forces the student to get out of their comfort zone, which leads them to gain independence. When students stay closer to home, they typically depend on their family or friends a lot more. So, simply by going to college farther away you will become more independent than if you stayed close. 

When going to college in another state, it is likely that no one from your high school will attend that same university. Many college students use this time to reinvent themselves especially, if they went to the same school for a majority of their life and were around the same people, this gives them an opportunity to be a new person. According to Psychology Compass, researchers call this the “fresh start effect.” The fresh start effect basically says that people are more likely to achieve their goals and/or make a major change to their life when there are temporal landmarks. A temporal landmark is a naturally occurring opportunity for a fresh start, like a new year’s resolution. In this case, the temporal landmark would be the start of the new school year. The new school or starting someplace where you get to completely decide who you want to be from scratch makes this a better opportunity to get a fresh start. Simply by using the fresh start effect, one would be able to become more outgoing or get good grades for instance. A fresh start also includes a change of scenery.

Maybe your dream location is one where you can finish your homework on the beach while you get some sun. Perhaps you’d rather curl up by the fire after a long day of skiing in the mountains to submit a final paper. This is something to consider if tempted to go out of state after high school. You can go anywhere in the world, your dream location, to further your academics. According to, a relator network, moving to a new city allows you to spread your horizon. In this new place there will be a different culture and community than the one from your hometown because every city is different in their own ways. In some cases there are even new languages that will be spoken and different customs. By moving you are exposed to so many more opportunities which allow you to see the world in a completely different way than before. Even if you graduate college and don’t end up loving where you went to school it’s still a different experience that you got to have and one you will remember for the rest of your life.

Furthering your academic career out of state allows you to gain more independence, gives you a fresh start and allows you to experience a new location. College is a time in your life that you will remember forever. Make it even more memorable by pushing yourself to go to a school that might be out of your comfort zone. This will give you a start you didn’t even know you needed and push you to create new relationships with people you wouldn’t have met otherwise.