Reasons to Think About New Turf


Written by: Lake Harrington, Reporter

In the past few years, it seems as if every school in the Kansas City area is getting new turf either for the first time or are replacing it. On average, turf fields only last 8-10 years, so it is now time to start looking to replace the football field, but soccer should get turf too. New turf not only means less canceled soccer games and practices due to field conditions, but it is overall better for outdoor sports.

Teams throughout the area have invested in new turf including Lansing, Leavenworth, Bonner, Shawnee Heights and Turner. One major reason that turf is so reliable is that it can be used in all weather conditions. With the unpredictable, and sometimes inconvenient, weather in Kansas, it makes it tough to take care of a grass field. Multiple soccer games had to be moved to the football field due to either snow or rain. The junior varsity team has even canceled games due to the poor weather conditions on the grass. A turf field would eliminate these problems as turf requires little to no maintenance. 

The overall soccer game would improve if turf was put in.  Without a practice field, the soccer team uses the single grass field for practice, summer camps and games.  Because of this, the soccer pitch is already worn by the time the season starts. Opposite of grass, turf is a flat surface and would eliminate the bumps and depressions in the actual grass field. A new field would also eliminate bugs and potholes that are filled in the soccer field. Playing on turf speeds up the speed of play dramatically with the pace of the ball rolling. Having an even playing field can even be better for the athletes.

Having turf also helps athletes avoid non-contact injuries. Having bumps and holes on a grass field is dangerous. The likelihood of being injured decreases by around 10% when a turf field is in place, according to Sports Science. 

The new turf would be a great way to make our sports facility world-class. Having turf has many benefits and it can improve the game being played as a whole. It is a much safer option as opposed to poorly maintained grass, is easy to maintain and at the end of the day, it’s convenient.