The Importance of Speaking Up For Yourself


Written by: Lexi Fishe, Reporter

Have you ever questioned whether or not you should speak up for yourself? According to, people are afraid to speak up for themselves because they have the fear of being rejected or judged by others. But doing the opposite and speaking up for yourself will lead to gaining more self-confidence, help to push your own opinions and sometimes your silence is mistaken for compliance. 

According to NBCnews, 85% of the population is found to have a low self-esteem level and a low amount of confidence in themselves. According to, speaking up for yourself gives people the opportunity to gain peer feedback and gain the self-confidence that they lack. Whether that is having the confidence to try new things, or by just speaking up for yourself, it will give people a newfound sense of confidence they didn’t know they had. 

Everyone is different and that includes having different opinions from one another. Not everyone is going to agree with your opinion, and most people have trouble accepting that. And when it comes to speaking up for yourself, many people think of this as a downside. The importance of voicing your opinion, in this case, will help others to stand up for themselves in a certain situation. According to, when you speak up and share your own ideas, this will cause others to be inspired and follow with you as well.  So, by voicing your opinion, this helps many people to form their own opinion and feel safe enough to voice them. 

 Speaking up for yourself goes beyond letting others know your exact stance and silence can actually have the opposite effect. According to, when you don’t speak up, this will give others the impression that you are okay with what people say to you or are compliant with what is being said.  Silence is viewed as acceptance. According to, if you don’t say something, matters tend to get worse and not better.

Next time you find yourself in a situation questioning whether or not you should say something, do it.  The likelihood that something positive will come from it is high. You will feel more confident, feel heard and show people that you are not just complying.