Fans Should Be Allowed to Come to Games


Written by: Lake Harrington, Reporter

2020 has been complete chaos with COVID-19, but teams should still be allowed to have fans in the stands. Sports are an escape for many from the real world. If they can be opened safely then teams should able to decide whether or not they can. Teams all over the world are suffering tremendously over this issue, and the problem will only continue to grow.

Sports teams are struggling without fans in attendance. The tickets, merchandise and food sold each year at stadiums help pay for the expenses of having a team. The costs include player/employee wages, stadium maintenance and many other things. Without fans, the costs can’t be paid. This is hurting the sports teams by anywhere from 20 million-1 billion dollars says ESPN. Teams could usually pay these fairly easily, but they don’t have anyone to help pay for it anymore. Teams like the Atlanta Braves and Golden State Warriors and both nearly 1 billion dollars in debt because they haven’t paid for their new stadiums. The problem doesn’t only live in the United States either. The popular soccer clubs like Manchester United and Barcelona are also almost 500 million dollars in the hole. Teams have come out and said that they have to have fans by the end of the year, or they will have to close. Social distancing could even help raise money to an extent.

Having a limited capacity could still help immensely. The Chiefs and Sporting KC have been allowed to have 22% capacity, and it is working. Masks are required, and attendees have to sit alone with their party. Implementing this for sports teams would help at least put them in a spot to build off of for next season to pay the debts back. Most teams in the National Football League (NFL) have only been able to have family attend games, since they have been able to stay safe, then the stadiums should be able to open up to the public. Fans need to be responsible at games, and if they can do so they should be able to attend. Sanitizing stations, thermometers and packaged food are only a few ideas of making a safe way to have fans. The teams need the fans and the fans are starving for some live action.

Some fans are willing to do anything to get into games. Ranging from standing on an overseeing building or looking through the gates, fans want in. Each stadium has its own atmosphere. Although it would be only a fraction of the noise, fans want to do whatever they can to make an advantage for their team. Going to sporting events is a way to get away from the problems going on in the real world.

Fans are needed at sporting events. They provide millions of dollars each year, and they currently need more than ever. Teams are suffering along with the die-hard fans. The stadiums can be made safe for everyone. Fans need a getaway and this is the solution.