Female Athletes Should Get The Recognition They Deserve


Written by: Lexi Fishe, Reporter

According to online.adelphi.edu, male athletes get paid anywhere from 15%- 100% more than women do. Female athletes get paid less than men and don’t get nearly as much recognition as male athletes do. According to cehd.umn.edu, female athletes only receive 4% of recognition on all media platforms including national television and social media. Female athletes should get the same recognition as men do because females work just as hard as males do, females air time should be increased and females should play in higher, well- known arenas, resulting in more fans. 

According to forbes.com, the U.S. Women’s soccer team has won four Olympic gold medals. On the other hand, the men’s team has won none. The women’s team is ranked number one in the world, but they are paid almost one-third less than the men’s team. It would take women roughly 100 years for them to make the same amount of money as men. One reason why the pay is less for women is the lack of respect female athletes receive. 

According to qz.com, a study showed that the amount of media coverage for female athletes has been less today than it was in 1989. Sportscenter only gave women 2% of coverage on all social media platforms. Men’s basketball received 35.5% of media coverage on national television, while women’s basketball only received 2.3%. The amount of airtime for female athletes is not nearly as much as male athletes receive. 

According to brookings.edu, 75% of the ticket buyers for the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) are women and girls. Women’s sports such as basketball and soccer play in smaller venues which gives them less space for fans to watch. Many people who are at the games find them just as interesting. According to brookings.edu, when players play in the smaller venues, this discourages them and decreases the quality of their performance. In downtown arenas you often see men’s teams playing.

The talk about gender inequality in sports has been around for quite some time, and this has been a problem that has never been addressed. When it comes to female athletes, many people don’t see how hard they work because of their lack of airtime on television. Male athletes receive more credit because they are more popular and broadcasted more frequently. You never see women getting the type of recognition that they deserve. If female athletes got to play in well- known arenas, their number of fans would increase thus leading to more buzz. So next time you tune into a basketball game, take time to notice how often these athletes are females.