College Isn’t For Everyone

College Isn't For Everyone

Written by: Alyssa Tyler, Editor-in-Chief

Graduate high school, go to college, find the love of your life, get your dream job, settle down, have 2.5 kids with a family dog and move to the suburbs. This is what seems to be the “American dream.” But as time goes on, the idea that all young adults will live this life, is not realistic. One of the main factors in that ‘life plan’ is college, and getting a degree. But it’s also putting people in places to waste money, get stuck in a job that doesn’t need a degree, and how there are countless jobs that don’t need degrees, and they are not being filled. 


The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics found that 39% of jobs in America don’t require degrees. In an article done by the hiring app indeed, they came out with their top 15 jobs that have the highest demand. Only 4 out of the 15 jobs required a college degree Compared to those who already have a degree, there are many statistics that show that they may not be better off.  

In a study done by CNBC, more than 40% of American college alumni were in a job that did not require a degree. 


According to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, 33.4% of all college graduates ages 22-65 are underemployed. Which means that they are working at jobs that do not require a degree. According to, 250,000 students regret their college experience just because of the debt they collected while trying to earn their degree. This essentially means that college graduates are leaving college with a degree and thousands of dollars in debt. Then going into a job that doesn’t need it. Student debt is also taking a forefront in many American’s minds.


According to Education, 44.7 million students are currently borrowing money. In America overall the combined student debt is 1.68 trillion dollars. Instead of pushing young adults to go to college, to get a degree that they may not need. These students should be pushed to find what will make them happy. Regardless of the job they may end up with, the idea that everyone needs a college degree is not good.


Overall, a college education is not realistic for everyone. The idea that everyone should get a degree, isn’t smart. It’s putting thousands of college alumni in thousands of dollars of debt, a degree they don’t use, and in no better place than what they started with.