Money Can Buy Happiness


Written by: Rylee Jones, Reporter

Most people have heard the quote Money can’t buy happiness or the infamous Money is the Root of all problems. However, what if these are simply sayings created by people unhappy with the amount of money they make? Saying things like the quote above is a way to justify not making enough money to be satisfied. Despite this, there are multiple reasons why even the people who think money causes problems and unhappiness could be happier if they had more money.


Firstly, money funds basic needs. Money gets a negative bubble around it for many at a young age when they hear their parents bicker about if they will have enough money to not have to take another mortgage out on the house or if they will have enough money to eat everyday and so on. When people do not have enough money for their basic needs, then it becomes the root of all problems. It is commonly believed that having more money would cause more problems, but in reality, not having enough to fund basic needs is where all the problems are coming from. Studies have found that 72% of American adults stress about money. Funding basic needs means less stress which means a happier person.


Not only can money buy basic needs, but it can also buy experiences. A 2014 review by Science Direct found that experiences make people happier because they enhance social relationships, are a bigger part of one’s identity, and are less likely to be compared to other people’s experiences. If experiences can make people happy, then the funding for those experiences is partially to thank for that happiness. 


It is argued that many people could be filthy rich and still wake up unhappy with their lives. Although this may be true, it is undeniable that everybody needs some amount of money in order to live their best and most authentic life. What many people do not keep on mind is that this does not mean everybody needs to be rich in order to be happy. This is why there are some people in poverty who will still be happier than those making more then them. That is because everybody needs a different amount of money in order to get the most out of their life and be the happiest they can be. Some may need enough to buy their kids into college, some may want to be able to fly their private jet to the island they own and others may simply want enough to get by with their basic needs. Even though it may be in different amounts, money can buy some form of happiness for everybody.