Forever a Team


Written by: Susette Garcia

This spring hasn’t been the typical “spring” that everyone is used to. The weather had a mind of its own. Many of the spring sports practices and games at BLHS were occasionally canceled due to the crazy weather.

April 23 happen to be one of those “crazy days”. Snow and hail in April? Crazy. Many of the spring athletes were hoping that there after-school activities would be canceled. April 23 was also a day that changed the lives of many BLHS students forever.

The school community lost an incredible person. BLHS freshman Shealyn Hayes passed away after being struck by a semi truck on Tuesday morning while on the way to school with her older brother Tristan. Tragedies like these don’t happen very often here in this community. The Basehor community came together for Shealyn and held many different events in her honor.

Shealyn had a strong passion for soccer and was a member of the soccer team at BLHS. The team had a hard time dealing with the loss of one of their teammates.

Junior Jordan Nirschl said, “This season was definitely an uphill battle for all of us. By the end of our season, there was a lot of emptiness in our hearts, but we were also very united. We may not of been the best team, but we were the closest.”

Shealyn was known for her bubbly personality and her love for life that she had. Friends said could turn any negative situation around into a positive one.

Sophomore Raeney Seaton said, “Shea was my partner is everything, she was what made soccer fun for me. I’m going tot miss having her to go to when I need advice, and always having someone to make me laugh. I could always be myself around her.

“There was never a dull moment with her around. Her laugh was the most contagious laugh I had ever heard. I miss her more and more every day, but I know she’s in good hands up in heaven.”

The team finished out the season wearing purple socks with their gold and green jerseys as a tribute to Shealyn. They ended with a loss to Bonner Springs in the first round of the regional tournament.

Nirschl said, ““This season was a joy because we all had the beauty and encouragement of Shealyn. She gave us all a reason to play with passion throughout the season. We play for Shea.”