The Off Season is ON

Photo by: Erin McGowan
Well-respected Coach Schwisow is always trying to inspire and motivate.


With fall sports starting up, many proactive athletes and health-conscious students are looking ahead to prepare for the winter and spring seasons. Athletes without a fall sport still carry a strong dedication to their training before their performance.

The atmosphere, the tense environment is lightened by Coach Schwisow. Opening statements about hard work and effort may at first give first time off-seasoners second thoughts, but with his friendly attitude, Schwisow lightens the mood and keeps his students physically fit and mentally comfortable.

With the off-season program, students can look forward to a successful season and a healthier attitude. A collection of students attend off-season only for staying in shape, without any sport to motivate them. With that, it can be seen that the program benefits not only spring and winter sports but the school community as well.