Basehor Football Team Goes 5-0 After Win at Bonner Springs


Senior Chas Rollo takes the ball and charges in.

On a perfect night at the end of September, the Bobcats made their trip out to Bonner Springs for their annual showdown in the Springs.

A massive following of students, parents and citizens came to cheer their team on. The visitors’ stand was filled to the brim with wildly colored fans so much so that one could barely even get a seat. And with the orange and black spectators across the field, it looked like a box of Reese’s pieces was staring down a box of M&M’s.

The Bobcats set the tone with a touchdown within the first three minutes and continued to dominate from that point on. The defense formed a seemingly impenetrable wall that the Braves just could not climb until their first touchdown in the third quarter.

“Defense was able to put a lot of pressure on the quarterback and that helped take away their passing game. The only thing we struggled a little bit with was the dive, but we figured that out, too,” senior Jacob Markovich,

Despite the two touchdowns scored by Bonner Springs in the second half, Basehor kept their lead throughout the game with 24 points in the first quarter, seven in the second, and 14 in the third. They had a lull in the fourth quarter, but Bonner did not get back in the game.

Both Markovich and senior Chas Rollo snagged interceptions and senior Eric Scott had two big runs. Starting quarterback, senior Justin Phillips, had multiple touchdowns before junior J.C. Watson took over.  Watson threw for a touchdown.  Junior kicked Parker Rusk had six extra points after touchdowns and a field goal.

The final score of 45-16, brings the Bobcats to 5-0 on the season.  Their next game at Lansing next Friday.