Bobcats End Regular Season Undefeated


Photo by: Calder Hollond

Near the end of the second quarter, Bobcat players wait to receive the kick. By halftime, the Bobcats were up 17-14.


An hour out from the game against Tonganoxie, the football team warmed up on the field. Cheerleaders joined them on the east side of the turf. The steady rhythm of the marching band’s drum line led their procession in through the gate, past the two groups. The standard cycle of game day pump up songs played for the the crowd and the athletes warming up.

Tonganoxie’s team filed in without any spectacle to prepare for their own drills. Their uniforms were white; one of their benched players wore overalls over his jersey.

“Tongie is definitely here. That’s so them,” senior Rachel Hiss said.

As the countdown to kickoff drew to a close, the student section grew steadily.  The student section was a menagerie of costumes assembled on the bleachers. At least 12 students wore all black, ten had on halloween costumes, and five were in neon and black.

“Well, apparently the theme was supposed to be black out, then black out with neon, and I also heard halloween costumes,” senior Jensen Wallcott said.

The Bobcats burst through the banner, and their second formal entry onto the field was followed by cannon blasts and the national anthem.  The two teams centered themselves on the turf. The Bobcats rallied in a team huddle for coach Timothy Johnson’s final words before kick off.

“Okay, fans, rise to your feet, let’s get this game going,” announcer Chet Sarlls said.

The ball was kicked by senior Parker Russ. A five yard penalty was given to Tonganoxie after their advance was met with resistance from the Bobcats.

The Bobcats took over, and only eight minutes into the game, junior J.C. Watson scored a touchdown, and the extra point by Russ was good.

“They have been showing such prowess and speed for the most of the season,” broadcaster Kobe Cafe said.

Tonganoxie’s Matt Thompson took over at quarterback.

“After losing two of their quarterbacks early in the season to injuries, they are working with what they have,” said color commentator Jonathan Harms.

Thompson fumbled the ball, but the Chieftains quickly recovered.  The Bobcats eventually took over on downs and a second touchdown was scored, this time by senior Eric Scott, with only two minutes in the first quarter. Russ again scored the extra point.  The score was 14-0 at the end of the first quarter.

Within 20 seconds of the second quarter, the Bobcats earned another touchdown by Scott. A major portion of the offensive unit of Bobcats out on the field were seniors, including Jackson Brimblecom, Scott, Chas Rollo, and Justin Phillips.

“Definitely a good senior class to work with,” said color commentator Kobe Cafe.

Tonganoxie scored a touchdown with one minute left in the second quarter; they had finally broken through the defense of the Bobcats.

With under a minute left in the second quarter, Rollo made a run to the five yard line and punched in for six the next play by Brimblecom. Another field goal was successfully completed by Russ, and the Bobcats headed into the locker room at half ahead 27-6.

The Bobcats came out strong, quickly shutting down a flea flicker play by Tonganoxie.

“The Bobcats are just too smart for those plays,” Kobe Cafe said.

A touchdown was scored by Tonganoxie’s Jordan Brown with six minutes left in the game, and they completed a successful two-point conversion.

The Bobcats ended their regular season 9-0 with a 27-12 win over Tonganoxie.  They will begin the playoff season against DeSoto next Friday.