Stallbaumer Named 4A Div. 1 Coach of the Year


Head football coach Rod Stallbaumer, was named 4A Division 1 Coach of the Year yesterday. Many students know of the football team’s major success this season. Though Stallbaumer may have received the recognition himself, he doesn’t place the success heavily on himself.

“To be successful, it takes an enormous amount of work by everyone,” Stallbaumer said.

He attributed part of the success to the assistant coaches and the players who have to put in just as much effort as he does. In fact, the work put in extends far beyond the football season itself.

Players are heavily involved in the weightlifting and wellness programs here at the school as well. Their coach was quick to applaud them for keeping their grades up, and for performing well in practices. Overall, they brought their a-game both on and off the field.

“I think this team was successful because they bought in and did all the little things it takes to be successful,” Stallbaumer said. “Being successful is a lot of little things done really well.”

His ability to lead the team well likely stems from his own experience. Stallbaumer grew up with three brothers. He says that he spent time helping them, essentially coaching them. He says that coaching is a lot like teaching, and he enjoys them both very much. This was his 16th year coaching football in total, and his 12th as a head coach.

With coming so close to winning the state title, Stallbaumer has only good things to say about the team. He said that he hoped to continue to grow the program next year, continuing to do the camps, and hopefully put the kids in the best possible circumstance to achieve the success they deserve.

“I think this team was very close to achieving its full potential,” Stallbaumer said. “…go back and try some different strategies against Miege, because obviously they didn’t work.” Overall, he said that the team achieved a nine out of ten on their season.

With such a successful season under their belts, it’s imperative that the BLHS football program has a next step, another goal to achieve, and a new milestone to conquer. Stallbaumer put it simply. The next step? The next step is to win that substate title.