Lift-A-Thon Provides Equipment For Strength Program

Photo by: 172063075087


The 2016-2017 powerlifting season kicked off with the annual Lift-A-Thon fundraiser Thursday Dec. 15, both a way to raise money for the program and give the athletes a chance to get a first look at their ability. And, rather than simply utilize flat donations, the LIft-A-Thon uses a donation system that rewards success, where donors can give an amount per pound. For example, if a sponsor gave $.02 per pound, and a powerlifter achieved 500 pounds on all three lifts, the sponsor would give $10.00.

Head coach Ross Schwisow has been doing this starter meet for eight years.  The meet is run completely voluntarily, which is a staple of most powerlifting meets, but something special about this is that it’s run completely by past members of the program.

“It was a great start to the season. It was managed really well,” sophomore Kyle Alcanter said.

Every year, graduates reconvene in the weight room to help judge, and test the current members on their three lifts: clean, squat, and bench.

“We had over 40 graduates come back to judge. It is a family and it does truly take a village to develop,” Schwisow said.

The opportunity to get those first meet jitters out of the way as well a great way to go into Christmas Break motivated,” Schwisow said.

The Lift-A-Thon also lets the members get the equipment required to do these lifts, and is used to pay for things like new bars for lifting, and this year, some surprise artwork for the weight room.

The Lift-A-Thon this year happened on Thursday, Dec. 15, with over 140 kids lifting and 73,000 pounds lifted, about four and a half elephants!

“I feel like it’s going to be a good season,” Alcanter said.