Dazzlers Compete, Win Awards at Kansas Spectacular


At a home basketball game, the Dazzlers perform their novelty Royals dance. They competed with this dance at the Kansas Spectacular.

The Dazzlers performed at their first competition of the season on Jan. 21. They competed at the Kansas Spectacular competition, held at Olathe East.

“We got there pretty early in the morning, and then we did our hair and makeup, and we went out and practiced each of our dances,” sophomore Delaney Farris said.

After this preparation, the girls competed. They performed three routines: a novelty dance, a hip hop dance and a jazz dance.

“We got 90s on all of the three routines that we brought, so we made it into sweepstakes, which is really good,” sophomore Sofie Otting said.

In addition, the Dazzlers were awarded a Judges Award for Hip Hop and a Judges Award for Officer Dance. Kinsey Kuttler and Madeline Hoffman also received Division I for Officer Dance.

“We got some of the highest awards, [and] we got some choreography awards, we got some showmanship awards,” Farris explains.

Out of all the dances, Otting likes the hip hop dance best.

[Our hip hop dance] brings everyone closer together because everyone has fun with it.”

— Sofie Otting

“It’s just a lot more fun to do. Everyone gets way more into it than any of the other dances, and it brings everyone closer together because everyone has fun with it,” she said.

Farris agrees.

“Our hip hop dance [is my favorite], definitely,” she said. “We all get really into it and sassy, and we all like it.”

The Dazzlers next perform Jan. 26 at the wrestling tournament.