Bobcats Restructure Football Program

Written by: Delainey Wilson and Trinity Krouse

After being the only team in the state of Kansas yet to be scored on, the Bobcats lost to Bonner Springs on Sept. 30, the score being 33-21. The game was featured as the HyVee Game of the Week, and broadcasted on television. In order to make a comeback, the coaches plan to turn it around, and lead the team to play hard for the rest of the season after making some changes to the program.

“There’s a lot of things that could have been improved upon. I felt like we weren’t physical enough on the perimeter, I felt like we turned the ball over way too many times and that we weren’t very disciplined on our responsibilities defensively. I felt like we needed to have more focus overall,” said head coach Rod Stallbaumer.

The team went back to practice the following Monday, and started preparing for their next game so they would be ready.

“We’re going to go back to work, I mean we’ve got to get better. We’re going to restructure things around the guys that we have that we know are playing well. We’ll continue to work in practice to improve and we’ll be a lot better come next week,” said Stallbaumer

Some of the players have also recognized how they are going to work to make the changes that their coaches want to see.

“We need to work on not making any turnovers and reading our defensive keys,” said senior Jordan Lee. “This shows us that we have to work harder in practice so our performance on the field looks better.”

The Bobcats play next on Oct. 6 against the Lansing Lions at home.