Powerlifting Defends State Title


Written by: Lane Barrette, Editor in Chief

For the past 11 and 9 years, the girls’ and boys’ powerlifting teams have defended their state titles. On March 10, over 60 student athletes gathered in Clay Center. The girls’ and boys’ teams took home 19 overall medals and over 100 individual medals.

“The atmosphere was really good. There was over 300 lifters competing. Everyone there was ready to compete,” said assistant powerlifting coach Erin Amrein. “Besides the girls winning their 11th straight title, one of the most memorable moments [at state] has to be Maria Howard benching 165 pounds. She has, constantly through the season, pushed herself in every lift.”

A prevalent theme for the powerlifting team is constant improvement. Rather it be putting more weight on the bar each week or making setting a new personal record, each individual athlete supports one another.

“I believe that seeing our athletes improve each week has been the highlight of our season. I have seen our athletes motivates and support each other in practice an at meets, which has resulted in great improvement across the board,” head powerlifting coach Justin Wieser said.


Sophomore Jaiden Smith placed 3rd overall in the powerweight class.

“I was proud of how I finished, but I knew I could have done better at the time. As a team, we competed hard and connected more as a team by the end of it. Having added another year to our title, schools around Kansas know our name,” said Smith. “When we warm up, we’ve been often called ‘the cult’ because we count every motion together and end up making our presence known.”