5A Winter Sports Preview


Written by: Alyssa Tyler, Reporter


Head Coach: Jason Puderbaugh

How many years coaching: 13th season, 8th year as a head coach

Biggest competitors: Goddard, Ark City, St. Thomas Aquinas, Bonner Springs, Lansing, Blue Valley southwest

First game: Nov. 29 at Bonner Springs, 6:30 PM

What are your strengths this year: Filling weight classes with increased participation numbers, 1 returning state placer plus several guys that I think will compete well at the varsity level.

What are you excited for about this season:” I’m excited about having a great bunch of freshman wrestlers and overall the shear increase in the number of wrestler to to develop this year, 3 great seniors to add leadership in the room and some talented Juniors in the lineup that will have great success this year.”

Leaders: “I can’t say for sure this early in the season who the leaders on the team will be because team captain positions have to be earned, not given, but I can say that I know who I expect to be leaders. I am expecting good leadership out of my three seniors and a returning varsity wrestler and sophomore this year, Zach Radefeld.”


Girls’ Basketball:

Head Coach: Jason Tatkenhorst

How many years coaching: 7th season coaching.

Biggest competitors: St. Thomas Aquinas, St. James

First Game: Nov. 29 vs. Eudora

What are your strengths this year: “We have a versatile team,[and]lots of players on the court that can play various positions. So it will be hard for other teams to match up with that. Our team gets a lot of playing time outside of school, so they’ll have a lot experiences.”

What are you excited about for this season: “We have a lot of players that you can tell that they enjoy to play basketball, you want people to have fun on and off the court. They get along, [there’s] good chemistry off and on the court. It should be a very fun season.”

Leaders: “We have a few seniors, and juniors and sophomores that got quite a bit of playing time. So we’re hoping from some good leadership from them.”


Boys’ Basketball:

Head Coach: Mike McBride

How many seasons coaching: 15th season coaching

Biggest competitors: St. Thomas Aquinas, St. James Academy, Maize, Goddard, Eisenhower

First game: Nov. 29th vs. Eudora

What are your strengths this year: “We don’t have a lot of weaknesses, we have a lot of strengths. We don’t have a lot of holes. We [have] good size, good speed, good shooters, good role players.”

What are you excited about for this season: “Being with this group of kids, [a] great group of kids. [They are] great in the classroom [and] take care of business everywhere. [We have] Good chemistry [and a] good vibe. They care about each other. I’m looking forward to hanging out with these guys everyday.”

Leaders: “The seniors on the team: Nolan ford, Jacob Colman, Jace Friesen, Kobe Sifford, and Dylan Mussett.”


Boys’ Swimming:

Head Coach: David Bresser (Lansing High Head coach)

Biggest Competitors: Bishop Miege

First meet: Nov. 28th 4 pm at Topeka Hadden

What are your strengths this year: We’re expanding we have now six guys from Basehor,” said senior Evan Dusselier.

What are excited for this season: “Excited to better myself and better the team.”



Head Coach: Justin Wieser

How many seasons coaching: Second year coaching.

Biggest Competitors: Powerlifting is still in 4A, but Bonner Springs is our biggest local rival. They beat us a couple times [in the boys division], and you never want to see someone beat you twice.

First Meet: First official Jan. 5 at McLouth. We have our own meet in December for newer lifters to make sure they understand how to lift, and how it’s done and judged.

What are your strengths this year: “We have had a lot of success, but stayed really humble at the same time. We know how to work. We train the overall athlete, to get them as strong as we can. Anyone who competes against us knows that we’re going to come in strong, we [have] mental toughness. And as far as getting over the hill goes.”

What are you excited about for this season: “Another opportunity to coach the kids, I had a lot of fun last year, which was the first year I was a powerlifting coach. And we have a lot of great lifters coming back. Seeing new lifters coming back in and seeing how they can help the team.”

Leaders: “We have a lot of leaders, we don’t designate captains. We kind of put it on the seniors, who have a lot experience with the program, to just show them how it’s done, and how to conduct ourselves at meets, competitions and all that good stuff.”