Powerlifting Wins 4A State

Written by: Alyssa Tyler, Reporter


On March 2, powerlifting hosted 4A state. This is the women’s 12th year of consecutively winning state with 122 points and the men’s team 10th year with 128 points. The women’s team took 1st place by 40 points, the men’s team won 1st by 30 points. and  Bonner Spring’s took second in both the men’s and women’s division, scoring 98 and 82 points respectively. Overall, for the Basehor team, there were six overall champions in the men’s team and four for the women’s team.

“I think both of our teams improved dramatically over the course of the season. We had a lot of obstacles to overcome with the weather and replacing some good lifters from last year’s team. I am very proud of how well we did on Saturday,” said Justin Wieser the Head Coach of powerlifting.

Sophomore Trey Galvan took first in men’s 123 weight class.

“[The meet] went really well and went really smooth. I feel like overall, I pushed myself to the best of my abilities,” said Galvan.

Junior Sadie Webb was the Lightweight lifter of the meet and the 105 champion.

“I think I did pretty good. I didn’t get what I wanted on clean, but that was all mental,” said Webb.

Next year, powerlifting will begin to compete at State with other 5A schools.

“I am looking forward to competing against some excellent competition at the 5A level.  We see a lot of the teams at meets throughout the season, but it will be fun to compete against them for the state championships at the end of the season.  There are some freshmen that I am very excited about seeing progress over the next year. We are losing a group of talented seniors and will need to do everything we can before next year to win the state championship next season,” said Wieser.