Varsity Track and Field compete at UKC

Written by: Alyssa Tyler, Reporter

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  • Senior Jake Wilson runs as the last leg of the 4x8

  • Freshman Trevor McBride high jump

  • Junior Taylor Theno hands off to Junior Quincy May during the 4x8

  • Freshman Zack Siesmore long jumps

  • Junior Taylor Theno runs the 4x8

  • Freshman Marc Farris runs as the first leg of the 4x8

  • Freshman Rylee Jones hands off to Junior Taylor Theno during the 4x8

  • Freshman Kaleb Kolich runs 110 M hurdles.

  • Freshman Rylee Jones runs the 3200

  • Senior Brady Myers runs the 3200

  • Junior Taylor Pierce long jumps

  • Freshman Trevor McBride runs as the last leg in the 4x4

  • Sophomore Jenna Zydlo runs as the first leg of the 4x4

  • Junior Ellie Dusselier high jumps

  • Senior Olivia Cavenuah kicks during the 3200

  • Junior Brock Hofer and Freshman Zack Sisemore runs the 100 M dash

  • Junior Ethan Wilkinson high jump

  • Junior Riley Tinder runs the 4x8

  • Freshman Dane Miller runs the 3200

  • Senior Sterling Holland pole vaults

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