Boys’ Bobcat Wrestling Takes Off


Written by: Lake Harrington, Reporter

This year’s wrestling season has finally kicked off. From having to deal with the new COVID precautions and the tough conditioning, the wrestlers are ready to compete Friday, December 11th. Seven wrestlers competed at the state tournament last season, with three placing. Sophomore Bryce Ross is especially excited to get started. Everyone involved is eager to finally hit the mats and start the road to state.

“I feel like I have some unfinished business after last season,” said Ross.

Ross finished 6th at state last year, and all he is just hoping to get to have a season. He wants to take each practice day by day, and that seems how the winter sports will have to be. “I just think it is important to get matches in this season”

Practices look a bit different from last season. The new rules include assigned circles to encourage social distancing and having to wear masks during practice. The team still is trying to keep everything as normal as possible. When the wrestlers get to their match next Friday, they can take off their masks to compete. The wrestlers aren’t bothered by the masks too much because they have said how they are just dying to wrestle. They are appreciative that they can even have practices and hopefully wrestle next week. Junior Tanner Parish has been looking forward to this since his final match last year.

“I’m really wanting to make a name for the team and me. We have all had very good practices, and hopefully, it will work out.”

This wrestling season is surely going to be one to remember. Everyone is working hard to make the matches, that they do get, count. The wrestlers will be taking it day by day and they all hope to make it to state this year once again.