Boys Basketball Struggle Against De Soto Wildcats


Written by: Lake Harrington, Reporter

The Bobcats took on De Soto last Friday, and it was a tough game all throughout. Both teams struggled to gain momentum and scoring was hard to come by with the Bobcats only putting up 52 points against their division opponent who scored a total of 61 points. This is the Bobcats first loss of the season.

Basehor-Linwood started out the game on top due to great defense and poor shooting from De Soto. The defense gave the Bobcats plenty of fast break opportunities. The lead soon evaporated and the Bobcats got in foul trouble early with Junior Jordan Brown having three fouls at half-time. The Bobcats were outscored in free throws 3-12 at half. Brown and the Bobcats struggled to find points in the second quarter, and a big reason is due to De Soto’s 7 foot center, Nate Barnhart. Barnhart not only had punishing defense, but he also put up points for the Wildcats.

The Bobcats trailed 22-29 after a buzzer beater to end the half from De Soto. The Wildcats never looked back and started the third quarter on a 19-0 run. Basehor-Linwood then rallied with a run of their own to shrink the deficit to 7 early in the fourth quarter. Just when the Bobcats looked promising, they couldn’t capitalize. Basehor-Linwood forced 20 turnovers and still lost 52-61.

Shooting behind the arc was a struggle for both teams, and the Bobcats only managed 8 out of 32. Junior Carter Bergman had four and he was a big reason the Bobcats kept it close until the end. Brown ended with a team high 23 points in a frustrating night for basketball.