The Express

2017-2018 Staff

Sierra Salazar


Hi! My name's Sierra- yes, the one who is quiet and reads all the time. I'm the biggest fan of theatre as I'm obsessed with Dear Evan Hansen, Hamilton, Wicked, The Humans, Les Misérables and La La Land. Reading is something I...

Maya Dodds


Howdy y’all it’s Myah... oh no I mean THE Maya Dodds. I try to be very funny and bubbly all the time, meaning I laugh all the time and my laugh is very obnoxious sorry not sorry. I am a Sophomore and I am 1 of 15 Dazzlers!...

Kaitlyn Schmalz


Hey! My name is Kaitlyn Schmalz, yes the red head without the T in her last name, or you can call me Kay, I'm a sophomore. I don't do much to be honest, but I'm a professional procrastinator, also not a fan of spiders so don't...

Miyala Harris


Hello, my name is Miyala! You can call me Miy for short because it’s obvious that my name is extremely difficult to pronounce. I'm a Sophomore, and if you don’t know me… well you should get to know me because I’m awesome...

Delainey Wilson

Head of Layout

Hey! My name is Delainey Wilson, I'm a sophomore, and this is my first year in newspaper. I play basketball and softball, and football is my favorite sport to watch. Many have told my that I have an uncanny resemblance to a certain...

Lane Barrette

Co-Editor in Chief

Hi! I'm Lane and I'm a soft s'more(Sophomore). Honestly, if you don't know me, do you even go here? But like, in all seriousness, I like longs walks to my fridge at 2 a.m. I only spend time with strong, independent, educated and juicy newspapers, but mos...

Trinity Krouse

Co-Editor in Chief

Hello, my name is Samantha, wait no it's Sammie, no it's Sam, no it's Trin, actually my name is Trinity. Hi I'm Trinity if you don't know. I like to do the things. I'm a junior and this is my first year on newspaper. If you see...

Jeda French

Head of Graphic Design

Ahoy! “Tis I, the Frenchiest Fry!” My name is Jeda French, I’m a Junior-- yes I actually exist. To be honest, I’m the bee’s knees, despite what people might think. I try to be as weird as possible without actually being...

Tara Sitzmann

Head Reporter

Hey, My name is Tara and as former staff member Adam Lang once said: "I'M A SENIOR!" This is my very first year on newspaper if you didn't know. I'm basically average at everything but I seem to excel at acting and being awkward....

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