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Lane Barrette
Hi! I'm Lane and I'm a soft s'more. Honestly, if you don't know me, do you even go here? But like in all seriousness, I like longs walks to my fridge at 2 a.m. I only spend time with strong, independent, educated and juicy newspapers. But personally, I view life as sometimes you win, sometimes you lose... sometimes you're me, it just depends on the day. But more about me! I'm 5'7", and when I'm confident, I'm 5'7-1/2". You can find me dangling onto the degrading relevance that is still left for me to grasp with all my theater friends. I am basically apart of everything, so if you do school stuff, congrats! You know me! And as we all know, it's the Bobcat way or the wrong way!

Lane Barrette, Editor in Chief

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