Literally Raining on Elementary School’s Parade

Photo by: Tristan McGehee
The parade draws to an unexpected close as the young students and teachers begin to notice the light rain falling.


On Friday, October 30, the Basehor Elementary School prepared for its annual parade. However, the parade was cut short due to a special surprise that the children did not particularly enjoy – rain.

At 2:20pm on the day before Halloween, students could be seen inside classrooms waiting in costume for their parade on the blacktop on the school playground. Parents came equipped with cameras to capture their child(ren) in their outfits. Outfits ranged from Disney princesses to Marvel superheroes. Even teachers could be seen in costume!

At 2:30pm, the students began their march outside to the playground. Parents were already lined up around the blacktop with cameras ready. The students lined up around the perimeter of the playground with their classrooms and teachers. The kids could not wait to begin their parade.

Once everyone was outside, the parade could begin. Second graders went first. Two students walked in front of the teacher holding a sign with their teacher’s name displayed. After a few minutes, the temperature began to drop and people began to notice dark clouds that have formed above.

Some kids were not properly dressed for the weather, others had their parents running out with coats and jackets. After a few more minutes passed, sprinkles began to fall.

Within minutes, the sprinkles turned into a light rain. The unexpected weather drew the parade to an early close, and everyone was ushered inside the building. The students were cold and a bit wet. Parents and teachers alike helped to make sure everyone got inside to prepare in case the weather got worse. However, the weather lightened up, and the stayed cool.
For the students, the parade was fun for the short time it lasted, and the parents were glad that it didn’t get any worse than it did. The students still enjoyed being able to have dressed up in their costumes with their classmates, and hope for better weather next year.