Dazzlers and Emerald Dancers finish Season with Spring Recital

Written by: Lane Barrette, Editor in Chief

Wrapping up the dance season, the Dazzlers will be performing their competition Jazz, Pom, and Hip Hop dances. They will also be performing a few dances from the past football and basketball season, such as a kick line and another Pom dance. In addition to the Dazzlers performances, BLMS dancers will also be performing on, March 29. The recital will end with debuting a dance of the 2018-2019 Dazzlers. Each ticket for the recital will cost $5 at the door.

“I think people come to Spring show for many different reasons. People may know someone in the show and that’s why they go or they may just go because they enjoy watching the dances. A lot have people have been attending the Spring show since it first started, which was when I was in 7th grade, so they may just want to come and watch every year because every year does get better,” said sophomore Jolene Nirschl.

Sophomore Maya Dodds has been apart of the Dazzlers since her freshman year. Looking back, one of her most memorable moments was having a Christmas party right after performing their Christmas dance.

“I have mainly gained the skill to work with others and put our differences aside. I have basically grown up with these girls on the team and I could not imagine dancing with them. Especially the seniors we’ll have next year,” said Dodds.

Junior Delaney Thomas, was also been apart of the dance team last year. Being on the dance team has taught her many valuable lessons.

“I’ve learned a lot just from my other teammates like ways to improve my technique and performance. Also I’ve learned how important a team is as a whole. If one teammate is gone, it makes a big difference in our performance ability. Each Dazzler plays in important part of every dance,” said Thomas.

Ending off the latest dance season, the Spring Show showcases not only the teams capabilities, but also the chemistry of the team as a whole.

“I hope lots of people come and support the Dazzlers at Spring Show, since it’s our last performance of the season. This season was amazing and I loved our team chemistry. I’m looking forward to another great season with these girls and making the most of my senior year on dance team,” said Thomas.