Guide For What Movies to Watch Based on Your Emotions

Guide For What Movies to Watch Based on Your Emotions

Written by: Katelyn Cofer, Reporter

Sometimes, people want to watch movies that they can relate to in order to feel a certain way. Below are different movies to watch based on watchers current feelings.



Children’s animation movies

-Finding Dory (2016)

– “Finding Dory” will make the viewer feel good after watching it because it doesn’t take too hard of an emotional toll, and instead leaves the viewer with satisfaction because of the iconic happy ending.

-The Secret Life of Pets (2016)

-In the beginning, the viewer will feel bad. In the middle, the viewer will be amused and in the end, the viewer will want to walk their dog.



Mad at a relationship or lack thereof

-A Walk to Remember (2002)

-If the viewer really wants a relationship but it’s just not happening, “A Walk to Remember” will be right up their alley. It’s so good, it will make the viewer cry and realize that relationships really aren’t worth it.

-Five Feet Apart (2019)

-If someone in a relationship and going through some troubles, “Five Feet Apart” will make them realize it could be way worse.

Mad at the world

-Lion King (1994)

-Did someone do something dirty? Then “The Lion King” will put them in their feels and show that they can overcome those people.

-The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (2008)

-Is history maddening to learn about? The “Boy in the Striped Pajamas” will let experiences show just how bad it can get and show how it could be a lot worse.

-Fruitvale Station (2013)

-Tired of discrimination? “Fruitvale Station” shows first hand how racism is everywhere. It will leave the viewer in tears wondering what is wrong with the world.

-The Green Mile (1999)

-Mad at unfair punishment? In “The Green Mile” see what it’s like in the prison ward for people on death row and how everyone isn’t who they seem. “The Green Mile” will take the viewer on an emotional journey of anger, disappointment and sadness. It will make the viewer forget why they were mad in the first place.



Romantic Comedies

-50 First Dates (2004)

-No matter how the viewer feels, “50 First Dates” is good to watch. It’s best to watch while you’re happy.  Don’t have any distractions to stop from laughing and becoming the happiest one can be.

-Clueless (1995)

-To get the full effect out of “Clueless”, the viewer must be happy. It’s not an amazingly perfect movie, but it’s great to watch on a sunny Saturday afternoon with friends.



Stand-up Comedy

-Gabriel Iglesias: I’m Sorry For What I Said When I Was Hungry

-A comedian, Fluffy, tells an array of jokes with many different stories behind them. This filmed comedy show will help the viewer forget about all the things they are stressing over.



Take out your anger

-Black Panther (2018)

Watching someone take out their anger in hand to hand contact is the best way to relieve oneself of their anger. “Black Panther” is just the movie to watch.

Stop being angry

-Matilda (1996)

-If one’s family is composed of a bunch of crazy people that just make them angry all the time, “Matilda” is a great movie to watch. The viewer will get to see a supposedly helpless little girl get revenge without actually hurting the people she loves.

-Mean Girls (2004)

-Angry about a bunch of petty school drama? “Mean Girls” is the movie to watch. While revenge can be nice, this movie will show just how bad it can get if things go too far, and hopefully, it will help the viewer calm down while laughing at all the great scenes that make the movie so iconic.




-The Martian (2015)

-If one is proud of their successes, definitely watch a movie about someone else’s success. The Martian is a great movie to watch. It will show how to overcome the struggles prohibiting success and do whatever one puts their mind to.




-Divergent (2014)

-By watching “Divergent”, the viewer will be able to see all the adventurous dreams that can take place without actually taking the risk. The movie will provide the viewer with plenty of adrenaline without needing to leave one’s bed.




-Black Mirror: Bandersnatch (2018)

-Bandersnatch is an interactive movie. The viewer will get to decide which path the main character takes and help him get to the perfect ending. Warning, this movie/game is stressful and will seriously mess with the viewers head so they may need to go watch some Fluffy after.