Fall into a New Season

Fall into a New Season

Written by: Lexi Fishe, Reporter

Fall is just around the corner. It is back to Friday night lights, fall sports and spooky season. The first day of fall for this year is Sept. 23 and lasts until Dec. 21.

There are many popular places to go during the fall and one local place is the Renaissance Festival, also called the Mid-America Festival. This season is going to be the 43rd season that they will be open and the last weekend will be Oct. 14th

Fall fashion is a really big topic when it comes to the new season, and popular fall women’s clothing are scarves, sweaters, leggings and jean skirts. Many girls like to dress up and take cute fall pictures so that they have something to keep their Instagram followers updated with their busy life. 

“My favorite fall outfit is simple; jeans and a cozy sweater. I love the simplicity of fall fashion, so my closet is stocked with sweaters galore,” English teacher Brooke Vanhecke said. 

The two huge holidays that are celebrated in the fall are Halloween and Thanksgiving. Halloween is celebrated commonly by dressing up on the special day and going trick- or- treating during the nighttime. Many teenagers also throw Halloween parties since they are not into trick-or-treating as much anymore. 

“I love to hang out with my friends and go trick-or-treating over the Halloween holiday,” sophomore Maddie Rollo said. “I love the weather that comes with it and also the Bath and Body Works scents that come along with the season.”

Whether it is the soft fall scents that Bath and Body works has to offer or the cool crisp weather, Fall has something to offer for everyone.  


Top 10 list of the Best things to do this fall in the metro area: 


  1. Apple Picking
  2. Get lost in a corn maze
  3. Hot air balloon ride
  4. Play a game of touch football
  5. Go for a hayride
  6. Go for a hike
  7. Tailgate at a high school football game 
  8. Take a drive in the country to look at the scenery
  9. Take cute fall pictures
  10. Carve Pumpkins