IT Chapter Two Movie Review


Written by: Lane Barrette, Editor-in-Chief

The monster, Pennywise the Clown, as well as the other monsters IT creates, come out of hiding to feast on the outside world every 27 years. With the advancement of digital production and cinematic technology, it is no surprise that IT Chapter 1 received as high of a rating it did from fans and critics alike. With IT: Chapter 2 opening in theaters, it was time to see if the finale did its predecessor justice.

IT: Chapter 2 was rated based on five categories: scare factor, cinematography, storytelling, character development and continuation as a sequel from IT Chapter 1.



1 = Left more to be desired

5 = Best quality/Does not need improvement


Scare Factor: 

Rating: 3

This movie focuses on jump scares, gore and suspense. Many of the scary scenes build suspense effectively, but the main scenes are action-packed rather than suspenseful. The viewer can be left with a sense of dread during the rising action and climax, but will most likely never feel scared.



Rating: 4

The cinematography of this movie was used effectively, especially when transitioning between the present day and flashbacks. Some camera pans were blurry but overall created a pleasant viewing experience.



Rating: 5

The plot has been created before and instead focuses on enhancing the quality of each plot point. The original book and miniseries were very well written well, so the source material automatically made the remake’s story good as well.


Character development: 

Rating: 5

One of the best aspects of this movie is the characters. Each character had clear motivations and were all individually unique. From the start to end, each character had their own struggles and ultimately overcame their conflicts. One might describe the character development as simply ‘wholesome’.


Improvement from the Original: This category analyzes the differences between the big-screen adaptations of IT: Chapter 1 and IT: Chapter 2; movie adds onto the overarching plot of the original but is an effective sequel

Rating: 4

As a sequel, IT: Chapter 2 continues the story of the original and solves every conflict presented over the course of the two movies. Overall, it was relatively the same quality as the original, but could still improve on clarifying its backstory more effectively.