Homecoming On A Budget

Homecoming On A Budget

Written by: Alyssa Tyler, Reporter

Homecoming is an easy time to spend a lot of money. From dresses and suits to corsages and boutonnieres, here are a few ways to save some money.


  • Rewear an outfit, shoes, jewelry, etc. from years before.
  • Borrow whatever you need from a friend or family member.
  • Go to a thrift store.
  • Shop out of season.
    • Start looking as soon as homecoming is over for better deals for next year.


    • Don’t hire a photographer.
      • Have another friend or family member take pictures on someone’s phone!
        • More often than not, people’s phones end up being the same quality as a professional camera.


  • Don’t rent out a fancy car.
    • Carpool with your friends or your date.


  • If you do end up needing something new, look for coupons/deals on websites, in-store and anywhere you can get a deal.

Nails, hair and makeup:

  • Do it at home. 
    • Ask a friend or family member to help.
  • Go to a Cosmetology school.
    • Places like Z-Hair Academy offer cheaper prices because the people who do the hair, nails and makeup are still in training.
  • For nails, use “stick-on” nails to have a look-alike manicure.
  • Instead of getting a spray tan, use tanning lotion.


  • Eat at home.
    • Make something with your group or date before the dance.
  • Go to fast food restaurants

Corsages and boutonnieres:

  • Consider places like Price Chopper (florist section). Their prices are a lot lower compared to florist shops.