Life on Wheels


Written by: Riley Wilson, Reporter

Over 5% or 17.7 million Americans live in a mobile home according to Sydney Bennet, a Senior Research Associate at Apartment List.  Many people nowadays are beginning to realize that the smaller the better. Mobile homes include RVs, tiny homes, travel trailers and even just a regular van. These types of homes can make it easy to travel and are super eco-friendly. 

After high school, you will have many options on the direction you want to take in life. One of those options is travel. Taking the summer off or taking a gap year may be something you are considering before you head off to college or the military or into the work world. However, choosing this lifestyle, even for a short while, is no small decision, so here is a list of the pros and cons of nomadic living. 


    • Living wherever you feel like living:
      • You would have the freedom to go wherever you wanted to. If you had a sudden urge to see the beach? Drive over to the coast. If you felt like seeing a sports game? Drive to your favorite team’s state and watch.
    • You learn a lot:
      • You will encounter new places and new people almost everyday. This lifestyle will give you the opportunity to learn something new about different cultures and other people’s lives.
    • You can spend more time with family around the continent:
      • If you do start feeling homesick, you can drive home and see your family. Not only this, but seeing your distant family across the states or in different countries would be a possibility since it would be easier with this type of lifestyle.
    • Connecting with unique people:
      • Connecting with locals and travelers like yourself can be interesting when you hear the stories they share. You will be able to choose how long you wish to stay in an area and where you go to meet new people because of your transportation.
    • Living with less can be a good thing:
      • For practical reasons, you will not be able to take everything with you. This will make you figure out what things are really important and you will realize you don’t need as much as most people think. Not only this, but it will save a lot of mental energy and money that you can redirect on having meaningful experiences.
    • You will have more time for yourself:
      • From reading and photography to cooking and hiking, you will be able to focus on things you really want to. Even doing nothing, and just thinking can be a nice break every once in a while.
    • You will have more control over your budget:
      • Because you can choose wherever you want to live, you can also choose however much money you want to spend for any given months depending on where you choose to stay. Taking away property tax, a mortgage, homeowner’s insurance and basic utilities can also be a huge help. Financially, a house on wheels can actually be profitable.


    • Keeping a routine:
      • When you move often, you will find that your environment will be constantly changing. Any routine needs to be adjusted accordingly.
    • Building a community:
      • Making long-term friendships can be hard when traveling. You will also miss some family milestones at home.
    • Living with someone 24/7 or alone:
      • If you choose to travel with a partner, you could begin to have trouble being together all the time for obvious reasons. If you choose to travel in solitude, however, it can be very lonely.
    • You will have constant travel research and planning:
      • Making sure you keep your budget in check and planning out places to stay can be exhausting when you’re always going somewhere.
    • It’s hard to stay healthy:
      • Cooking can be possible in vans with kitchens, but it can be hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle on the road. Some places also have undrinkable water or poor air quality, which is something you’ll have to look out for.

Although there are pros and cons to this type of living, no lifestyle is perfect! As long as you are prepared to navigate through both the ups and downs, you should be well equipped to enjoy your journey. Click the link to get more information on this lifestyle and see someone’s personal experiences!