The Bachelor Premiere Recap


Written by: Delainey Wilson, Editor-in-Chief

Honestly, a 3-hour premiere is way too much. So here’s a condensed version of everything that went down in the first episode of the 23rd season of The Bachelor. Before jumping into the events of the show, here’s a quick rundown of the 30 contestants for this season.

  • Alexa, 27, Esthetician
  • Hannah Ann, 23, Model
  • Tammy, 24, House Flipper
  • Victoria P., 27, Nurse
  • Kelley, 27, Attorney
  • Madison, 23, Foster Parent Recruiter
  • Maurissa, 23, Patient Care Coordinator
  • Alayah, 24, Orthodontist Assistant
  • Sydney, 24, Retail Marketing Manager
  • Sarah, 24, Medical Radiographer
  • Lauren, 26, Marketing Executive
  • Mykenna, 22, Fashion Blogger
  • Kelsey, 28, Professional Clothier
  • Eunice, 23, Flight Attendant
  • Jade, 23, Flight Attendant
  • Megan, 26, Flight Attendant
  • Shiann, 27, Administrative Assistant
  • Courtney, 26, Cosmetologist
  • Kiara, 23, Nanny
  • Lexi, 26, Marketing Coordinator
  • Deandra, 23, Home Care Coordinator
  • Payton, 23, Business Development Representative
  • Jasmine, 25, Client Relations Manager
  • Kylie, 26, Entertainment Sales Associate
  • Katrina, 28, Professional Sports Dancer
  • Victoria F., 25, Medical Sales Representative
  • Jenna, 22, Nursing Student
  • Savannah, 27, Relator
  • Avonlea, 27, Cattle Rancher
  • Natasha, 31, Event Planner

As the contestants showed up at the Bachelor/Bachelorette mansion, some of them took a subtle approach to introducing themselves to bachelor Peter Weber. However, some women decided to be a little bit more bold, like Jenna who showed up with an ‘emotional support cow’ named Ashley P.

After the 30 contestants met Weber and headed inside, there was a special appearance by former Bachelorette, Hannah Brown. Weber was previously a runner-up on Brown’s season of the Bachelorette. Brown’s appearance turned out to be for the sole purpose of returning a pin that Weber had gifted her on his first night of the Bachelorette, and then wished him good luck before she left.

After Brown’s appearance, Weber went inside the mansion to start talking to the contestants. As expected, the girls fought over who got to talk to Weber several times, as well as interrupting each other. Hannah Ann interrupted two different girls in order to talk to Weber, and he commented about how he appreciated her boldness.

By the end of the first night, Weber presented Hannah Ann with the first impression rose and the two ended their night with a kiss.

After the first impression rose was presented, Weber and the contestants got ready for the first rose ceremony. During the rose ceremony 21 women, not including Hannah Ann, received a rose. The remaining eight (Maurissa, Katrina, Kylie, Jade, Eunice, Megan, Jenna and Avonlea) were sent home. 

The next day was the first group date, which included Hannah Ann, Kelley, Deandra, Tammy, Courtney, Shiann, Victoria P., Jasmine and Victoria F. The group date was centered around putting the women through flight school and testing their knowledge and abilities relating to aviation. Kelley ended up ‘winning’ the group date and got to go on a private sunset flight with Weber. Kelley isn’t a favorite amongst the other women on the show, due to the fact that she had met Weber a month before the filming of the Bachelor started, and he personally asked her to come on the show.

Kelley received the date rose at the end of day two, and Madison received the first one-on-one date which was set for day three. For their date, Weber took Madison to his parents’ vow renewal.

The last group date of the week consisted of Lauren, Sydney, Payton, Natasha, Alexa, Kelsey, Mykenna, Alayah and Savannah. The girls meet Weber at a theatre, where they were introduced to Brown, who had actually planned the date. Later, Brown goes backstage and has a heart-to-heart with Weber about her feelings for him and her regrets from her season of The Bachelorette. Then, the episode dramatically ends and shows promos for next week’s episode.