The Best Places to Take Pictures in Kansas City


Written by: Alyssa Tyler, Assistant Editor

As the use of social media keeps going up, the need for more creative, interesting and overall fun places to take pictures goes up too. Even if Kansas is one of the flattest and arguably boring states; here are some of the best places to take pictures in the Kansas City area.

  • Museum at Prairiefire- This museum is right in the heart of Overland Park. And the outside of the museum has a standing wall of vividly colored stained glass. This is one of the perfect spots with outside lighting and different backgrounds to make someone’s pictures more eye-catching.
  • The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art- The Nelson Atkins Museum is a staple in Kansas City. From the artwork in the inside to the outside, Nelson-Atkins has many well-known art pieces to incorporate with someone’s pictures. Photography with someone’s phone or camera is allowed, but tripods and monopods are banned. But with all of the ranging forms of artwork, inspiration should be easy to find. 
  • Union Station– Union Station has countless places to take pictures. There are multiple restaurants, stores, museum attractions and Science city. Science City has many attractions such as optical illusions, black lights and live animals. This location can give new and interesting aspects to anyone’s pictures. It also currently has a massive Chiefs display for the playoffs and Super Bowl, a giant lit-up sign that says “KC <3 MAHOMES”. The majority of the attractions are inside, which may be helpful during cold or rainy days. 
  • Museum of Illusions- This museum is in Union Station, but with all of the attractions inside; it would be easy to be in just the Museum of Illusions all day. The museum has attractions ranging from infinity rooms to vortex tunnels. This is another perfect place for rainy days. The multiple exhibits will help with not only inspiration but plenty of candid moments as well. 
  • The Plaza- The plaza throughout the year has plenty of artwork to help not only create ideas for poses, but they can also become a point in someone’s pictures. During the holiday season, the plaza is known for its holiday lights. Using the plaza’s well-known features to the photographers advantage, the lights, statues and towers all around the area can help create really interesting and beautiful pictures. 
  • Liberty Memorial Skyline- The Liberty Memorial is in Kansas City, Mo. and even with the beautiful architecture getting pictures during sunset can really make a picture even better. The lighting will make the picture pop, and the iconic scenery will give it the Kansas City feel.
  • The Ewing and Muriel Kauffman Memorial GardenThis location is at its prime during the summer, and a photographer could spend an entire day there with all of the flowers, fountains and free admission.
  • The Henry Wollman Bloch Fountain-Lastly the Bloch Fountain is the perfect spot for day and night photography. During the day the building can be clearly seen behind the fountains, adding another well-known building to the picture. During the night the fountain is lit up by lights surrounding it.

Overall, here are some of the best places to take pictures in the Kansas City area. From optical illusions and art pieces to buildings and nature, Kansas City truly has some of the most interesting, beautiful and creative places to take pictures.