Where the Bobcats Shop

Written by: Emily Long, Reporter

Different trends come and go throughout high school. Styles change, and as a result the places that students purchase their clothes change also. A lot of times students struggle where to find good clothing that isn’t ridiculously expensive. When asked what some of the best stores are, students came up with these as their responses:

Aeropostale: Aeropostale offers clothes at a relatively cheap price. They sell anything from skirts to sunglasses. The store caters to both boys and girls, making it a great choice for high school-aged students. “I like it because the clothes are really cute, and there is always something on sale,” said sophomore Lily Bogard.

Brandy Melville: Brandy Melville sells clothes for teenage girls and young women. The prices are generally low, with all items ranging below $50. Brandy sells clothes that are currently trending, and with the large selection and low prices, girls tend to shop there frequently. “I like Brandy Melville because the clothes are for the most part affordable and they’re unique compared to a lot of other stores,” said sophomore Rylee Jones.

TJ Maxx: TJ Maxx is what’s called an “off-price retailer” which is a department store chain that sells its items for a lower cost than similar stores. Off-price stores typically sell brand-name and designer merchandise. A lot of students like to shop here because they can get name brands for a cheaper price. “I like it because they’re cheaper and the clothes fit really well. It has a wide variety of stuff to choose from,” said freshman Raina Christenson

Nike: Nike is a store for athletic apparel. They sell everything from shoes, clothes, accessories, and equipment. Nike is a little more on the expensive side, but it’s a good investment because their products are of high quality. Students like to shop here because they can get comfortable athletic clothing to get them through long practices. “I really like the quality of their clothes. They last a long time, and their running clothes are really good,” said junior Alyssa Tyler.

Dick’s Sporting Goods: Dick’s Sporting Goods sells clothing as well as sports equipment. They sell athletic clothes from all companies including Nike, Under Armour, Adidas and so much more. Dick’s Sporting Goods has a large selection, which gives young athletes a lot of options. “I like it because they sell stuff for every sport,” said sophomore Cohen Suchy.

Rally House: Rally House is a clothing store that offers hundreds of hats, T-shirts and jerseys of your favorite collegiate and professional sports teams. This store is perfect for finding any sports apparel for your favorite teams, and this is where a lot of students that are sports fans will get their attire for any game day. “I like the variety that they have,” said senior Riley Tinder.