One step closer to a New Year- One Season at a Time


photo credit: Alyssa Tyler, Editor-in-Chief

Written by: Lexi Fishe, Reporter

Fall is right around the corner, so that means back to the pumpkin patch, Friday night lights and back to carving pumpkins. This year, social distancing style due to COVID- 19. The first day of Fall is Sep. 22 and lasts until Dec. 21. 

“My favorite thing about fall has to be the weather. I love how it is not too hot, but it is not too cold either. My favorite thing to do in the fall is to be outside and enjoy the weather along with all of the colorful scenery that it has to offer. Not only is it fun to be outside, but I also like to watch NFL football,” Junior Ally Vielhauer said. 

With Halloween being a holiday during this time, many local haunted houses are taking extra precautions as to what changes they are making to get ready for the upcoming season. Many anxious people are still wanting to get out and do something during the midst of the pandemic, so local haunted houses and pumpkin patches are making it accessible for people. 

“Typically this time of year we all start to migrate to indoor activities. Given the natural transition of Fall in addition to the expectations of social distancing and quarantining I worry that some populations are not getting enough time out of the house. Getting out of your house has many benefits, ranging not only from our physical health but also our mental and social wellbeing, Teacher Megan Marquardt said. 

Many of these businesses are making masks mandatory for entry and are limiting the number of people who can enter at a time. During this time, many people still want to enjoy the season and the holidays, but they must do so by following these local guidelines. 

With many people sitting at home with nothing to do, there are many different activities in the metro area to fill time for many families, while following social distancing guidelines. Whether that is the many pumpkins at the pumpkin patch to pick from or the scares from a haunted house, there is something for everyone in the midst of this pandemic as the holiday seasons are getting closer. Stuck at home and need some ideas about what to do? Here are the top 10 things to do in the KC metro in the fall!


  1. Apple Picking 
  2. Go to a pumpkin patch 
  3. Watch NFL football 
  4. Take a drive in the country to look at all the fall colors 
  5. Have a picnic
  6. Have a fall photoshoot with friends 
  7. Have a bonfire 
  8. Scary Movie Night 
  9. Go on a hayride
  10.  Make a pumpkin pie or any kind of pie that you like